Extended Abstract


The language of the papers presented at the conference should be Turkish or English. The name of an author can be placed in maximum two papers. If the presentation is Turkish, both Turkish and English extended abstract should be sent separately. If the presentation is English, English extended abstract should be just sent. Extended abstracts according to following guidelines should be minimum 1.000 words and maximum 1.500 words excluding references.
Extended abstract guidelines is as follow:
1. Extended abstract should be written in Microsoft Word format with Calibri 12 font size and single-spaced. Paragraph spacing after a single paragraph (6 nk) should be given. The whole main text should be justified.
Page layout should be A4 format and margins should be 3 cm for all sides of the page. Page numbers should be located on the center bottom side of the paper.
2. The title of the paper should be written in bold (first letters in capital letters) and in the center of the page (Calibri 16 pt.).
3. Names and surnames of authors should be written clearly under the title. Academic title, institute or company and e-mail of authors should be placed in footnotes (Calibri 10 pt.).
4. Introduction, titles, conclusion and references should be written in bold and fist letters in capital letters (Calibri 14 pt.). Other titles, keywords, and JEL Codes should be written in bold and first letters in capital letters (Calibri 12 pt.).
5. Introduction should be minimum 150 words and maximum 250 words. Introduction should clearly present the importance, the purpose, the methodology and the scope of the study
6. Texts of the all headings should include 600-900 words. More than one heading and sub-heading can use in the study. These headings should include literature, methodology, results, discussions etc.
7. Conclusion should be minimum 150 words and maximum 250 words. Conclusion should clearly present the results of the study, evaluations and suggestions.
8. 3-6 keywords that are important and relevant to your text should be written under the abstract.
9. The manuscript should contain 2-3 classification codes                    (https://www.aeaweb.org/econlit/jelCodes.php?view=jel)
10. 3-10 references should be placed in references section at the end of the extended abstract. 

Extended Abstract Template is shown below.

Extended Abstract Template