International Public Finance Conference/ Turkey The purpose of organization: To analyze the new developments by bringing scientists in the field of public finance together from Turkey and different countries from all over the world, to discuss national and international financial problems and propose solutions, to make a contribution to produce qualified studies in the field of public finance through forming a basis for collaboration and information sharing at an international level among public finance scientists.
Values and Principles:
• Respect to the individual, labour and knowledge
• Scientific and transparent assessment
• Absolute consistency with the rules of Scientific Ethic
• Productivity in using the sources
• An environment of free research and sharing
Mission: Performing scientific activities which support increasing the number of publications at national and international level of public finance scientists by providing sharing, discussing and developing of research in the field of public finance.
Vision: Providing an environment where the studies in the field of public finance are shared and discussed and scientific relations are expanded via bringing scientists who produce qualified information useful to humanity together from Turkey and different universities and organizations in the world.