The Duration of Sessions and Presentation
1. The duration of the sessions in conference is planned to be 90 minutes. Therefore, the presentation and discussion should be completed within this period.
2. 15-20 minutes time period is given for each paper presentation. This period of time is absolutely crucial to be followed. The conference’s functioning according to program of conference depends on the compliance with this time.
3. Remaining time after presentation use to be audiences’ ratings, commenting, criticism, questions and answering all of them.

Pre-Session Meeting and Preparation
1. Each session will be managed by a chairperson. The chair of session should attend in the hall 15 minutes ago before starting the session and Chairperson meet with all presenter.
2. Also, presenters should attend in the hall 15 minutes ago before starting the session and should make preparations related to presentation.
3. Computer and projection equipment for presentation exist in each room. Because of using computers in the hall, file of presentation should be installed into computer in the hall before the session.

Presentations and Presentation Material
1. Main points of the paper should be addressed during the presentation. More detailed descriptions can be made in the question-answer section.
2. Should a visual presentation be prepared, Microsoft Office Program must be used. The number of slides should be prepared taking into account the 15 minutes of talk time.
3. Using short sentences and large print (at least 24 points) on the slides is crucial with regard to following slides.