Public Finance Conference, initiated in 1985, and led by Prof. Dr. Aykut Herekman, is one of the essential scientific organisations in Türkiye. The scientific organisation was called Public Finance Education Conference until the 10th conference. It made a significant contribution to the improvement of the field by evaluating instruction mediated through the departments of public finance and addressing fundamental issues of the field. The conferences held annually by public finance departments of different universities have also played a crucial role in gathering and socialising the public finance community.

In the following years, the conference started to be called the Türkiye Public Finance Conference, subsidised by the Ministry of Finance, have turned into an organisation uniting academics and bureaucrats and contending prominent issues in the field of public finance. Therefore, it has taken a crucial role both in the academic progress of the universities and socio-economic development of the country. The issues dealt with at the conferences have been instructive in terms of fiscal policies, tax laws and budget processes in Türkiye. Furthermore, the conference has also significantly contributed to initiating and advancing scientific research and improving the literature on public finance.

In accordance with the changes in conferences held around the world beginning in the 2000s, the organisation and content of the Türkiye Public Finance Conference have also undergone some changes. Instead of focusing on a topic, conferences have been arranged to discuss current fiscal issues in synchronical sessions. The Scientific Board of the conference called International Public Finance Conference/Türkiye as of 2017 have included various foreign academicians to fulfil the criteria of readership and regulations of academic incentives. In addition, the conference has enabled the unity of academics, bureaucrats and practitioners worldwide. Therefore, it has provided the basis for cooperation and information sharing and contributed to worldwide knowledge generation.